IR TS PRC2018 Telangana Govt Employees 2nd June Telangana Formation day

Telangana Government is planning to issue Interim Relief (IR) to their employee before 11th PRC implement. The announcing of Interim Relief will be on June 2, i.e on Telangana formation day. Telangana Govt. Employees are demanding huge IR. But, CM KCR refuse to  divulge the quantum of Interim Relief.

IR TS PRC2018 Telangana Govt employees june2 telangana formation day

Appointing Thee-Members Committee for PRC

As per the words of Chief Minister of Telangana, three members committee will be appointed to finalize the PRC report. The PRC report will be expected before 15th Aug 2018. The Telangana Govt is planning to get the PRC report 3 or 4 days before from the PRC panel.

TS Employees Expecting 30% of IR

Telangana Teachers, Employees of Various Department, RTC Staff are expecting to get higher Interim Relief on account of 11th PRC. The expecting 30% IR is more than 3% last year. The employee unions have already concluded their talks with cabinet sub-committee. Based on the recomendations of committee, the Chief Minister will announce the IR to their employees.

Annul Burden Rs. 6,500/-

If the Telangana Govt. issue the PRC to their employees, the financial burden  on treasury would be around Rs.6,500/- as per the officials report.  Telangana Govt. is planning to declare the IR to their employee on 2nd June, Telangana Formation Day.

The previous 10th PRC was formed by then Congress government with IR 27%.  After the TRS came in the power, 43% of fitment was fixed to the TS Govt. employees as a token of formation of new born Telangana State. At present Telangana Govt. employees are expecting nearly 63% of fitment.

Telagana Financial Department has started their support to new PRC like analytical data, logistical support. The previous 10th PRC have come into the force from July 2014. Telangana Govt. had implemented the 10th PRC which was constituted by then Congress Govt. in the united Andhra Pradesh.

CMO Direction to Finance Department

Chief Minister’s Office(CMO) directed to Finance Department to form new 11th Pay Revision Committee(PRC) to hike the wages of state Govt. employees. With this direction from CMO, the financial department has started certain steps and arrangements.

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