CFMS Six Doubts and Clarifications Circular Comprehensive Financial Management System

Six Doubts and Clarifications CFMS Circular

AP Govt has been keen to implement Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS). The CFMS  is launched on 02/04/2018 . The  main object of CFMS is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management activities. APCFSS is the nodal agency for the implementation, sustenance and support of the CFMS program. Towards this, APCFSS aims at providing seamless services to all the users of CFMS in a structured and focused manner.

Configuration of Workflow

CFMS Six Doubts and Clarifications Circular Comprehensive Financial Management System
CFMS Six Doubts and Clarifications Circular Comprehensive Financial Management System
  • As 95 departments have completed HR data confirmation, the Users are unlocked for these 95 departments and all the Heads of the Offices shall configure the Workflow for their offices. Unless this workflow is configured concern DDO cannot prepare or submit the bill in CFMS.
  • All Treasury Officers and PAOs have to configure workflow for Approver in CFMS, this is a prerequisite for creation of bill by DDO and message of “ Approver not maintained “ will be displayed to the maker in DDOs office if the approver workflow for that HOA and DDO not maintained in Treasury.

PD Administrator – Beneficiary Creation

  • To register PD Administrator as Beneficiary, Please mail the details of Bank account number of the office, IFSC code, PD Administrator (DDO) Code, PD Administrator designation, PAN Number to and scanned copy of 1st page of bank pass book or Account statement as attachment.

Pay Bill Submission

  • DDOs shall prepare pay bills in HRMS as usual. Upon submission of bill using DDO Bill Submission option, a TBR number is generated for the bill. The bills so generated are picked up by CFMS and pushed into the inbox of respective Submitter in 30 minutes from the time of generation of TBR. The DDO shall attach the required documents and certificates and furnish checklist remarks and then send it to auditor login of respective treasury. The Treasury Office has to audit the bill as per workflow in CFMS. The bills passed by the Treasury Officers will be scheduled for payment on 1st day of the month.

Pension Bill Payment

  • 1st payments: The terminal benefits bills i.e., Gratuity and commutation bills along with pension arrears in case of new pensions have to be prepared by the T.Os who are DDOs for drawal of pensionery benefits in IMPAcT-Pension package. Then the DDO shall generate a TBR number in HRMS package and these bills shall be picked up by the CFMS system and makes them available in the inboxes of respective Submitters (DDOs) in CFMS. The DDO then submits the bill to Treasury in CFMS duly appending relevant documents.

Obsequies charges and LTA of pensioner

  • The Treasury Officials have to define workflow for this nature of bills also. The Maker shall logon to CFMS system and selects “Pension-Obsequies Charges” or “LTA” bill type. Then the maker fills in the form and uploads relevant documents and also remarks against checklist items before sending bill to Treasury. The Treasury Officers shall scrutinise the bills presented by the DDOs and passes them for payment. The payment will be made using e-Kuber platform.

Non HR Bills – Submission

  • While Non HR Bills submission is already available in CFMS, the DDOs can only submit the bills on issuance of the CBRO as the HOAs under these bills are Budget controlled. As outlined in the meeting with the Chief Secretary held on 17.04.2018, all HoDs must complete the CBRO activity before 24.04.2018. In the meantime those HODs who have completed HR data confirmation should also make sure that their maker – checker – submitter is configured.
  • Also as discussed in the said meeting with the Chief Secretary, Those departments who have not completed HR data confirmation should complete this activity by 21.04.2018 failing which the salaries for the month of April will be impacted.

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