Rc.1056 BadiBata Programme Guidelines, Activities 4th June to 11th June 2018

Telangana BadiBata Programme Guidelines, Activities are issued by Department of School Education, SSA which is going to conducted from 4th June to 08th June 2018. The programme will be started from 04/06/2018 to 08/06/2018. The BadiBata programme is renamed as Professor Jaya Shankar BadiBata Programme from the academic year 2018-19. Head Masters, Teachers of concerned school has to follow the BadiBata guidelines, day wise schedule  as annexed in the proceedings  Proc.Rc.No.1056/ CMO/T8/SSA/2018 ; dt: 30.05.2018.

A Website to Upload BadiBata Programme

Web Application  is developed to upload the day wise data of enrollment in schools. The application  is used  Mandal unit wise by the District users during the Badibata Programme. The website address is: to update the daily progress of during the BadiBata school age children enrollment programme.

Funds for BadiBata Programme

All RJDs and DEOs are instructed to release an amount of Rs.1000/- (One thousand only) per school to all the Govt. and Local body schools in their Districts from the funds available with the DEO under Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan for preparation of pamphlets /posters on their School Achievements and facilities to enrol the children during the Professor Jaya Shankar BadiBata Programme.

School Profiles

Every Head Masters of Primary/Upper Primary Schools/High Schools shall prepare School profile i.e., total no.of School age children in the catchment area number enrolled, number of Out of School children, performance of the children status of receiving of Free Uniforms, Free Text books, Mid-Day Meals etc., and targets for the year 2018-19.

Child Profile

Every student must write their profile i.e., Family background, Aims and Goals, Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) support required etc. Every School must prepare child profiles and keep them.

Enrollment Campaign Material

Preparation of School specific campaign material like pamphlets, flexes on School performance and other highlights and Excellency in Academics

Village Education Register

Updation of the Village Education Register (VER) with the coordination of SMCs/Teachers/CRPs/Anganwadi workers and same information should be updated in Child Info website as and when the application is enabled in online.

Focus on 100% enrollment

Primary Schools

Prepare the list of School age Children in the catchment area (feeding strength) for enrollment in the Schools. i.e., Primary Schools shall prepare list of 5 years age children in the catchment area and also from Anganwadis as to enroll them in Class-I. All the Head Masters/ Teachers of Primary Schools shall interact with Anganwadi workers for enrollment of Children in their Schools.

Upper Primary /High Schools

must collect list of class V children from the primary Schools class VII children in Upper Primary Schools in the catchment area for the enrollment in the high Schools, i.e., class VI & VIII respectively.

Out of School Children

The exact number of Out of School children i.e., never enrolled and dropout are not being reflected correctly. Therefore, the HMs of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools shall prepare list of name wise all Out of School children in their catchment area i.e., never enrolled and dropouts. They should plan for their mainstreaming through Urban Residential Schools /Special Training Centers. ln respect of Drop out Girls the same may be forwarded to Special Offices of KGBV for admission.

Focus on ‘0’ Zero/ less Enrollment Schools

Identify the reasons for ‘Zero/ less enrollment’ Schools and prepare special plan for improving enrollment by involving local communities and Public representatives. The MEOs must plan with the concerned HMs.

Preparation for Remedial Programme (LEP/3Rs)

The HMs of Primary Schools, Upper Primary and High Schools shall prepare class wise list of children who can’t read and write and perform fundamental operations of Athematic (3Rs). These children can be supported through summer Schools if possible during April & May 2018.

Fresh enrollments for the year 2018-19

The HMs of Primary Schools shall prepare the list of Outgoing children i.e., class V children and hand over to nearby High Schools / Upper Primary Schools for their 100% enrolment. Similarly the HMs of upper primary Schools shall prepare the list of class VII / VIII children and handover list to the HM of nearby High Schools and ensure 100% enrolment. The Head Masters/MEOs/SMC concerned must ensure for 100% transition from lower class to next higher class.

Information desk

All the Head Masters of KGBV/URS Special Officers shall set up an information and admission desk at their Schools in order to give admission to drop outs and monitor the entire admission process.

School Development Plan

All the HMs of High School shall prepare School Development Plan with clear cut programmes, targets and action plan to improve the Academic Performance of both Teachers and Students for the Academic Year 2018-19.

Door to Door Campaign

Preparation of action Plan for door to door campaign by the Head Masters and Teachers for the enrolment of all Children in the catchment area.

All the HMs have to meet the public representatives, SMC members, NGOs working for Schools and inform that about the Badi Bata programme, preparatory activities and invite them to the School for a meeting to discuss preparatory activities and request them to participate in the Badi Bata Programme to be conducted during June 2018(See above).

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers & Ex-DPO, SSA in the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to MEOs/Head Masters in their Districts to initiate above preparatory programmes so as to conduct Prof. Jaya Shankar BadiBata Programme for the Academic year 2018-19. The day wise schedule and programme of BadiBata will be communicated separately(See above file and download it).

The District Educational Officers are directed to furnish a detailed report on preparatory programmes and readiness to conduct Badi Bata in their districts without fail.

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